Skogbekken_10 Skogbekken_20Nordic Savannahs Cattery is a small family based cattery at the Northern outskirts of Oslo, near Lillestrøm. We are members of NRR (Norske Rasekatteklubbers Riksforbund) and TICA (The International Cat Association). We started in 2010 with the magnificent Norwegian national cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat under the name of Skogbekken Katteri (Forest Brook Cattery).

In 2012 we aquired a couple of the arguably most exclusive and exotic cats availiable for ordinary domestic homes, the Savannah cat, (only about 5000 exists worldwide) from the original home of the Savannah breed, where it was first developed, A1Savannah’s in Oklahoma, USA.

However FiFe insisted that we did not have both breeds of cats under the same Cattery name. Thus the Savannah part of Skogbekken Katteri was separated as Nordic Savannah Cattery in 2015.

We were so enchanted with the Savannah breed that we soon acquired 2 more, so we now have all the recognized color variations; Brown (golden) spotted, Silver spotted and Brown Melanistic (black) spotted.

We love and respect our cats which we feel are more than just pets – they are furry family members, and we expect you to feel the same if you wish to adopt one of our kittens.

Our kittens roam freely in the house together with humans, other cats and our charming Golden Retriever, Humle (Norwegian for Bumblebee), which is “honorary aunt” and helps the queens look after the small ones. This ensures that they develop into playful, loving, harmonious and well socialized kittens, which is very important for us. In addition, our cats have free access from the house to a large outside enclosure with shelves, climbing trees and other opportunities for play and physical activities to keep them healthy and happy.